4oz mason jars containing 2 charcoal discs and resins utilized to cleanse your space or add intention to your workings. One option contains Frankincense & Myrrh which is good for purifying your space, seasonal depression, cold and flu season, or to use as an offering on your altar. The other option contains Frankincense & Myrrh but also has Dragon's Blood whose uses include banishing, protection, love, sexuality, and courage. Good for cleansing larger spaces. Use in a well ventilated area. See directions below for further use details.

Resin & Charcoal Kits

  • Hold a flame on the charcoal disc until the entire surface sparks and crackles. You can add anywhere from just a few tears of resin to the top of the dics, or cover the top of the disc depending on how much smoke you want to achieve. Can be ground up or smashed into smaller pieces to dress tealights or roll larger candles in as part of a dressing. Use only in a well ventilated area on a heat safe plate. Use with caution and under supervision as charcol discs burn very hot and burn for a long time. 


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